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C. elegans Resources

WormBase : Major repository for C. elegans information, including genomic, genetic, anatomy, people, and literature.

WormbookC. elegans reviews and protocols.

Wormatlas : A database featuring behavioral and structural anatomy of C. elegans.

Caenorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC) : Resource center for C. elegans genetics. It is responsible for gene nomenclature, strain collection and distribution, and genetic map construction. 

Textpresso : It allows text searches on C. elegans literature.

CERMO-FC Research Center : The Center of Excellence in Research on Orphan Diseases – Fondation Courtois advocates a translational research approach using different technological platforms and, through research, it develops and deepens knowledge on orphan diseases.

VisCello : A visualization tool for C. elegans embryogenesis single cell RNA-Seq data.

Wormbuilder : Support website for the implementation of miniMos and MosSCI methods in C elegans.

Alliance : Alliance of Genome Resources develops and maintains sustainable genome information resources that facilitate the use of diverse model organisms in understanding the genetic and genomic basis of human biology, health and disease. 

MARRVEL : (Model organism Aggregated Resources for Rare Variant ExpLoration) allows users to search multiple public variant databases simultaneously and provides a unified interface to facilitate the search process.

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